In business for more than 23 years, Access & Mobility Finance Inc. (AMF) provides financing for wheelchair accessible vehicles and other types of specialized mobility equipment. Over the years, we’ve provided the means for thousands of people to become independent and to live better, more fulfilling and productive lives. Indeed, on the surface, we provide funds, but in reality, it goes deeper than that. What we often really provide is a new lease on life: e.g. independence, mobility, a way to work and recreation, and the means for everyone to achieve their promise and potential, regardless of physical limitation. We’re proud of our work and our legacy, and work hard every day to help our customers thrive.


Tom J. Matson

Tom J. Matson

Our president and CEO for the past 23 years, Tom J. Matson has always worked with an eye on filling a needed niche. When he saw a disability community that was being underserved by traditional lenders he acted, with AMF being the result. Tom founded Access & Mobility Finance with the mission to create a company that is the premier provider of capital to people with disabilities in order to maximize their potential and enhance their access to employment and recreational opportunities. AMF is unique in that its sole focus is serving the financing needs of individuals and families that require assistive technology. AMF works with a nationwide network of hundreds of accessible vehicle and equipment dealers who utilize their financial services. To hear Tom tell it “We created this business model to ensure that people who needed assistive technology would have access to capital in order to improve their lives.”The demographic changes that American society is undergoing - coupled with the graying baby boomers, our returning and aging veterans, longer life expectancies, and (unfortunately) the continued occurrence of debilitating accidents and catastrophic illnesses - ensures that the need for capital to assist disabled individuals will continue to grow.

  • National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association
  • American Association of People with Disabilities
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Special Olympics

Mark Johnson

Senior Underwriter
Mark Johnson

With more than a decade of industry underwriting experience, Senior Underwriter Mark Johnson can be counted on to make sound, insightful credit decisions based not just on the raw numbers, but also interviews and other intangibles. This acute understanding of credit decision-making goes back to his tenure at First Collateral Services, a mortgage loan origination subsidiary of Citigroup. During his career at First Collateral Services, Mark was involved in warehouse mortgage underwriting and management that supported First Collateral’s $5 billion portfolio of mortgage loans.

His experience in managing a diverse network of mortgage brokers, while maintaining credit quality, has served him well in the mobility industry (given the diversity of the mobility dealer network). On the personal side, Mark is an avid golfer, both as a player and as a teacher of families (parents and children) who wish to develop their game together. Music is also a passion, of which Mark indulges as a pianist and keyboardist.

What People Are Saying

My mom and dad were both in their late seventies. Mom was now in a wheelchair and dad couldn’t get her in the car anymore. My wife and I had a tight budget and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to help them with a van. But AMF provided us with an extended payment option that made the loan affordable. Now dad can take mom anywhere they want to go in comfort and safety

John, Florida